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With the TIFF to TXT tool, you may convert your TIFF file to text format. It’s too easy to convert TIFF files to text with small SEO tools that can give you this ability. Any text-containing TIFF image can be converted into a text file. The quickest free online tiff image now converts to a text file thanks to small SEO tools. With the help of this tool, the contents of TIFF images can be converted into a text file. The reason this program is so popular is that TIFF files use up TIFF images faster and demand more disk space. On the other hand, tiff files are incompatible with most web browsers, yet text files are brief and accessible through all browsers.

Convert TIFF to TXT Online for Free

The TIFF converter does not require a membership fee. You can use the functions of this converter for free. Once downloaded, an original text document can be edited with a basic word processing tool.
If you're looking for a quick and simple solution to convert your TIFF document to text online, we suggest that you take a look at the TIFF to TXT converter.

What is the TIFF File Format?

TIFF is the abbreviation for the tag image file format. Developed in 1986, the format is currently in widespread use across the globe. TIFF is the most widely used format for raster graphic storage.

TIFF supports expressing full-color, grayscale, two-level color, and pallet colors in a variety of color spaces.

Bitmap image modification is TIFF's ideal application. This format is used by graphic artists and photographers to store their work.

You might occasionally want to take text out of a TIFF file. With the help of our free online TIFF to text converter, this is possible. The format works with every operating system that you use on the different devices that you use.

Several Key Features OF TIFF to TXT Online 

  • Completely Free. Converting TIFF to TXT:With this amazing program, you may convert any number of TIF files to text for free. To protect the user's privacy and security as much as possible, once you convert the files, they are removed from our systems after a 24-hour period, at which point the download no longer functions. For free, you can also use the TXT to PDF converter to convert text files to PDF.
  • None of the input TIFF files are saved, and no texts are converted on our system. The files will be removed once you're through using the program, and download links will stop working after a predetermined amount of time.
  • When utilizing the TIFF conversion tool, privacy and security concerns are not warranted. It's a Text-to-binary converter created by SEOTOOLSWP that you may use and is safe and efficient.
  • Utilizes mobile phones:The majority of devices can use this tool without any issues, even with limited operating systems. Because of this, the TIFF to TXT converter is an excellent option for everyone. Even those who have never used a tool before will find it easy to use due to its straightforward page layout. To convert plain text to an image, you can also use the TXT to Image Generator app on your phone.

How to convert a TIFF to a TXT file?

  1. Choose the TIFF file that you want to convert.
  2. TXT is the format you want to convert your TIFF file to.
  3. Click "Convert" to convert your TIFF file.

To get the highest quality TXT file, while converting TIFF to Txt, make sure your tiff file is absolutely clear and readable.


1. How do I take text out of a TIFF file?

  • To convert your TIFF files to text, utilize SEOMagnifier's TIFF to TXT converter. With the use of this program, you may simplify the process of extracting text from a TIFF image for yourself.

2. Can you convert Word from TIFF?

  • Utilizing a TIFF to Word document converter, you can convert a TIFF file to Word.

3. How can a TIFF file be OCR'd?

  • One free OCR application that you may use to convert OCR into a TIFF file is SEOMagnifier's TIFF to TXT converter.

4. From TIFF, how can I obtain an RGB TXT file?

  • An RGB TXT file can be text-filled from a TIFF document using a TIFF to RGB converter.

How may a TIFF file be changed into a TXT file?

  • The TIFF file can be uploaded to our TIFF to TXT converter. After processing the file, the converter will provide an editable text file that you can download with ease.

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