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You can examine how well a blog or website performs on popular social networking sites by using a social analytics tool called Social Status Checker or Social Media Counter.What a great marketing tool this social counter is.
Sharing useful content with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter is a fun pastime for anyone. However, do you know which blogs and posts are most popular on that platform, or which social media network is most popular for a certain website or blog?
Social Media Counter makes it much simpler to determine which of your informative articles or material is more frequently liked, shared, tweeted, and pinned, allowing you to more accurately evaluate what works. The secret to success is to produce more material that resembles the outcomes you see.
Using the social counter tool, you can pinpoint your social media presence. On the basis of your social media metrics, it generates a report that shows the amount and intensity of your social signals. You may get organized information on the social signal with this helpful, free tool.

Why Social Stats Checker Is Important ?

If you want to increase website or blog traffic and exposure globally, you must give your social media presence high priority. You can evaluate your social media performance and pinpoint areas for development by using a social media counter on a regular basis.
The social counter can be used to assess the websites of your rivals. This might help you understand the social media presence of your rivals. You can then make use of this helpful information to make sure that you do better than your competitor in terms of social signals and improve your rating. If you employ superior SEO and boost your social media signals, you can surpass your competitors.
By adjusting and combining your social media and SEO efforts, you may be able to increase website or blog traffic. The Social Counter is the simplest and most useful tool for this. It is possible to download and utilize a variety of social media counter apps for free from the internet without having to register.


Importance Of Social Stats Checker 

1. A better internet position: A higher ranking for your website will undoubtedly come from more people becoming aware of your service. That is only feasible if you maintain accurate information about every individual who visits your website.
Your social media campaign will reach as many users or potential consumers as possible if it is effective. You can monitor any social media site where you would like to see an increase in traffic by using social stats checker.

2. Promotes awareness of the brand: Rankings are improved by social media complaints in addition to raising brand awareness for the company. You already know that most people who use the internet spend most of their time on social networking sites. As a result, it has the best potential to raise brand awareness.
They attempt to evaluate your item on the official website after learning about it in order to obtain additional details. Greater brand marketing is indicated by the highest volume of searches for mobile applications on social media channels. Social networking only reroutes original, organic traffic, in contrast to sponsored advertising initiatives like PPC.

3. Promotes the spread of viral content: When it comes to getting potential customers to know about a product or service, social media is unmatched. Texts, images, and short films that are both educational and entertaining have the potential to go viral if they are properly promoted on social media. You also need to sign up for the paid advertising services that social media networks provide in order to accomplish this.
You should spend a specific amount of money promoting your content if it is interesting enough to attract customers. If fortune and ingenuity are on your side, the campaign's outcomes ought to be seen in a matter of days. It's risky to try to go viral on the internet, but if you do, you will receive the most traffic conceivable.

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