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About Long Tail Keyword

Experienced online marketers today have a good understanding of how consumers look for particular goods and services on the internet. Instead of only entering one word in their search queries, visitors are increasingly entering three, four, or more terms. They are aware of where and what to look for. For instance, a traveler searching for vacation spots in the Bahamas for his family won't type the phrase "holidays" alone into the search bar. "Family holidays in the Bahamas" will be entered by him or her. The user is aware that if they type a single keyword, millions of websites will be returned by the search engine, none of which will be relevant to their query. However, if a visitor enters four or five keywords, the search engine will return websites that contain those terms. The visitor will now find this useful as it lists websites that they should check out.

Long tail keywords

The three, four, or five key word phrases that are particular to the products your website sells are known as long tail keywords. You see, a consumer knows exactly what they want to buy when they type in a highly specific search query. If the website provides exactly what the user needs, these targeted searches will almost certainly result in sales. Customers use generic searches to go through the offerings of many websites while they are browsing. Like window shopping, that is.

In order to reach buyers who are specifically looking for a product, long tail keywords are utilized. Assume a consumer expresses interest in a product. He'll look for websites that carry that item. Assume, for illustration, that the client is trying to find electric motorcycles. All the websites with these two keywords will appear in the search results. He is about to launch a website listing the top electric motorcycles. He'll look through them and decide which bike he wants to purchase. Assuming he enjoys riding the Airbike MX5. He's going to look for that particular bike now.

Long tail keyword generator

Now we know what long tail keywords are, but how do we find a list of them related to what we are trying to sell on our website. We know our keywords, and we know our products and also the area from where we want visitors. On your search browser go to and find the long tail keyword generator. Or copy/paste in the address bar of your search browser.

Now in the display enter the ‘seed list.’ Enter the keywords that you want it to use to generate long tail keywords. Once you have entered those select the ‘Provider,’ it defaults to Google, but if you click on the arrow it will display a list of providers;

  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • eBay
  • Amazon

You can select the provider that you want to target. Next, select the country you are targeting and the Language. It will display a list of keywords suggestions. You can copy/paste the list or export the list to an excel worksheet.

Now with the list of long tail keywords generated by this ingenious and handy tool, you can design your internet marketing strategy. You have a very good idea of what those sagging customers enter in their search queries, and if you sell those products, you can make web pages to target these customers.

Using long tail keywords in your website’s pages will get you more traffic. It will also get you a higher ranking on the popular search engines, and these are the two major goals every internet marketer wants to achieve. Use this free long tail keyword tool, and you can also use Google keyword planner tool in forming your website’s strategy. Remember long tail keywords are more focused than generic keywords and their use will help in your website’s ranking.

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