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What is GZIP

One of the most widely used methods of data compression is GZIP, which reduces large amounts of data. Restoring the original data can also be accomplished by extracting a compressed file.

What is GZIP Compression

Before HTTP content is sent to a client, it can be compressed using the GZIP file format and application. The procedure can reduce the data size by up to fifty percent. Because of this GZIP compression, page load times will be faster and bandwidth usage will be lower.

GZIP can support many file formats, including:

  • .gz – denotes the file extension of GZIP files.
  • .tar– A form used to store various archive files, not to compress data. GZIP can be used to shrink .tar files.
  • .tgz, .tar.gz, .gz file – GZIP file can compress all these file formats efficiently.

Check If Your Website Is Enabled For Gzip Compression

The de-facto standard for many websites uploading compressed files to web hosting servers in recent years is GZIP compression. It was created to make the procedure easier and faster for website owners. Browsers are working to handle compressed files and decompress them so that users can see them.
These days, visual, graphic, audio, text and video material abounds on websites. If the files are not in compressed format, it becomes harder for the browsers to load the content quickly. These files allow the server to utilize less space and bandwidth by handling huge file chunks. In the end, the server is burdened less.
To examine the compressed files on your web server, run an online GZIP test. The highly qualified team created the compression checker tool to satisfy customer demands. It's possible that you have never come across a faster online compression check tool before.

How To Check GZIP Compression

Seotoolswp has always remained at the forefront to facilitate the users beyond their expectations. We're continuously putting our efforts into providing the best SEO and other web-related services to the users. You'll be amazed to know that the GZIP Compression test Tool can help you figure out the shortcomings on your server side. It will let you identify the compressed and uncompressed files on your server. It will allow you to rectify those files to make your site loading speed faster.

Below you'll find some simple steps to check the GZIP compression tool online:

  • Visit our webpage
  • Enter your Domain URL in the given field.
  • Now press the “Check Compression” button.
  • Voila! The online utility will perform a GZIP test & display the information about compressed and uncompressed files in a matter of instance.

How to Enable GZIP Compression On Your Website Server?

With GZIP Compression, you can reduce the size of your web file (PHP, CSS, JS, HTML) up to 50% of its original size which may assist you in sending it to the server quickly and more efficiently. Later, the file can be decompressed to its original size before sending it back to the user’s browser from the server. There is no need to upload large-size web files to the server, as you can use GZIP Compression to squeeze the size of your data within a blink of an eye.

You can enable GZIP Compression on your site server by using, the mod-deflate, or mod-zip method. If you are a professional coder, then you must have an idea that the deflate method has more advantages over mod-zip, as it compresses the output from your server before it is sent to your user’s browser. Also, this method is more adequately documented, and you can configure it without any hassle. Additionally, mod-deflate is widely supported as compared to mod-zip. However, if mod-deflate doesn’t work on your host, then you can switch to mod-zip without any hesitation.

It is also significant to understand that every host hasn’t enabled these modules on their servers, that’s why you may have to ask your host if the given .htaccess scripts don’t work. You can download both mod-zip and mod-deflate code by clicking on the provided link.

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